Part 4

  • Read the text below and answer questions 17 – 21.
  • Choose the correct word for each space.
  • For questions 17 – 21, answer A, B, C or D.
  • Choose only one answer for each question.

The Importance Of Trees

Trees are wonderful to look at and their changing colours (17) …… the seasons. Tall and timeless, they have for millions of years been memorable features of the Earth’s scenery. On a worldwide scale, forests help to reduce global warming by taking in carbon dioxide but, at the local level, trees also bring great environmental benefits. In hot weather, they (18) …… shade and shelter while, when it rains, they (19) ……the water and help to prevent the soil being (20) ……away. Above all, however, it is the ‘permanence’ of the trees that is one of their most attractive characteristics; nothing on Earth lives longer than a tree – many big trees on our streets are (21) ……a century old.

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